16th post: Owl Day- Guest Poem

Today it is Owl Day and as is traditional there shall be a guest poem in dedication to our feathered friends.


Owls awry, scrawl fear in your eye
Dark shapes on the canvas of night
This here; the image of fright

The sing song of a wing wrong!
Owls. Hoot hoot. Owls are hirsute.
Owls. Shoot shoot; your life is moot.

Beaks a’ nipping, talons claw,
Your mortality exposed as flaw.
None escapes the owls gaze,
All is gone in crimson haze.
Strigiformes, thy name is terror,
Running is but another error.
With vision, speed and wit,
The prey’s fate is all but writ.

Owls! Fear is thy name.

Owls! They are the silent watchers.
They keep the vigil, they balance the fates.

By James Munschnooschnoo


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