A poem: Be Honest

Be Honest

Make them rhyme,
Make them dance in time,
To one another.
Let the cadences rise and fall,
As you try with words to contain it all.
Why can’t we speak directly,
Of things so complex,
Seemingly intimidated by simplicity.

Say: “you are lonely and you wish you weren’t”.

Instead with metaphors padding,
The room you exist in.
Expand your soul with similes,
Like how the dead ones did:
The ones you try to imitate.

A roadmap before cars,
Of how far profundity goes.
Poets and thinkers,
Gods and priests,
These long gone men that defined the parameters,
Of what it means to dream.

Why can’t you say it out loud?
Be proud and say: “I am in pain, please help me.”
Or :“Sometimes I still dream about you.”

Instead of the winding ways,

The words that stand, sway,
Always indirect,
You never just say:
“Please just stay.”

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