Flash Fiction: After he yells HI!

After he yells HI!

Over the nightclub music He will yell “HI!”

She’ll laugh at his awkwardness and then they’ll talk, dance, exchange numbers. He’ll see her for dinner, where they’ll make in-jokes; finishing off each other off in his apartment. She’ll teach him how to cook and he’ll show her his sketches, and together they’ll rescue a kitten. Till sick of sharing it, all three move in together, watching cartoons till the mornings.

They’ll get married with sand between their bare toes, somewhere far away from this club.

As none of that happened except in his head, so he finished his drink and left.


20 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: After he yells HI!

  1. Dear Anonvi,

    First off, Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I feel it only fair to warn you. This is a highly addictive activity.
    Also, it’s perfectly legal to copy and paste the photo prompt into your blog. That way your readers can see your inspiration.
    Now onto your story, a unique and refreshing take on the prompt. I enjoyed being inside his head. Well done. I look forward to reading more from you.



  2. That was awesome! He had a whole relationship in his head and then just walked away. lol I think more people should be like him – less money for the divorce lawyers, eh?

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