A poem: Anonymous


This is about anon,
Also known as 1352764621,
Who photoshopped a picture of Vladimir,
Putting it in Hillary.
It was funny and kind of hot.

This is about anon,
Who spray painted IP addresses,
Onto tenement walls,
Whilst AK-47-wielding too loyal men,
Walked lock step on his home town streets.

This is about anon,
The first person who cried out “No”,
The one who wrote the inspiring piece,
Who fight,
Unknown and unremembered by history,

This is about anon,
Who on his way back home from
The market,
Carrying a black plastic bag,
Decided to stop,
A tank,
Before disappearing,
Into eternity,
To live forever in every upraised hand.



Hong Kong people march. Roughly 500 000 people. July 1st, 2003.





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