About and a list of stories

I write made up things! Here is a list, according to length (with the genre in brackets- if I can think of an appropriate one.)

Flash Fiction: Generally less than one thousand words, sometimes only one hundred. Instant gratification/satisfaction guaranteed!*

Gonzago The Auditor (sci-fi)
Afterwards (something else)
Alone (sci-fi)
After He Yells Hi! (romance)
Lost Pens (fantasy)
The Path A Song Takes (musical)
Two Possibilities / One Outcome (romance, elongated, rewritten version of after he yells hi…)
Sewed Shut (horror)
And Then She Kissed Him (romance)
The City Is A Drum (horror)
Drinking Alone (unknown)
The Lesser Of Two (hard to say)
The Wrong Address (absurd)
Old Keepsakes (romance)
A Man Unchanged (erm…EPISTOLARY…technically.)
A Long Explanation (Christmasy!)
The Last Day (sci-fi or fantasy or something else entirely)

Short stories 

Raul or Raul (He needs to know if that is his brother or his friend.)
Dear Sam’s Diary (He stole her diary)
E O 17 (In the future it will still be risky to whistle blow)
Castles and dragons (Children make up the strangest games)
Original Sin (Part 2, and Part 3 life does not seem the way it should)
The Finalist (The final challenge)
The Date (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (Just one date that meant the world)
Gandalf and Lisa (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) (An old homeless knight helps a brave little girl squire home)
The Meeting (A bit of cyberpunk)
Blackout (The lights go out in the city and he is afraid of the dark)
The Tourists (Visiting from a place rather far away)
The Number five (part 2) (A museum)
The first story he told his son: A morningstar (A father makes up a story for his son)
The second story he told his son: The Morningstar versus the Viking (Donnie wants to know what happened to Lucifer, once more father must wake something up)
The banker and the palm reader
Just Do It

*Gratification or satisfaction not actually guaranteed. Only the passing of a variable amount of time is guaranteed.

2 thoughts on “About and a list of stories

  1. I’m from the pit 🙂 I’m hope you get this.. glad I asked for your blog. I’m impatient.. I hate regrets of any kind.

    EDITED: Removed your email, just in case you don’t want people to see.

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