Piece of flash fiction: The Last Day

For a flash fiction contest- 500 words max. Thus the length.

The Last Day

I wake late and waste the day at home on my computer. Night falls. I accomplished nothing, Ignored the guilt, looked at pictures of young girls on my computer. Suddenly my arm starts to hurt. Then my chest. Heart explodes, shattering like the windshield from this morning. I fall. I die.

Afterwards, somewhere and some time outside of everything an entity explains, without words, that they are going to make an exception. They are going to let me redo my last day. Will i die afterwards? Yes. Will it hurt? A lot. Savor it. I will. Last question- Why? Silence.

Then I’m back in bed, the morning before death. This time when the alarm screams I wake immediately. A few precious minutes are spent admiring an azure sky. Fight down the fear. Run my hand over my faithful wooden desk. Lick the water in the shower, and sing, loudly. Then i cry for awhile. It’s the best shower I’ve ever had.

I go outside. This time when the car crashes I look, and then i go back, help a little. Later i try to convince myself i saved someone’s life. I make arrangements to meet old friends. They come, i try to explain how much they matter. Even she comes. I grab her hand and tell her i love her. Her cold, metallic wedding ring in my hands, her eyes bright with what should have been. If i ask, she will get a room with me. Instead i wish her luck. We part in tears.

Lunch is lobster and steak. I chew, close my eyes, suck the luster from each morsel. Massive tip for the waiter. Convince myself i made his week. Outside I buy food for some of the homeless I usually ignore. Later, I write a cheque for all my savings, make it out to my daughter. The rest of the afternoon I loll under the trees, in the park. Sitting on the grass, letting the dirt mush between my toes. I watch the sunset and clap like a fool when a man proposes to his girl. They laugh.

At home I make the most important call. My daughter is so angry. I apologise for the first time and together we weep. I tell her about the cheque. I tell her I love her. Not long left now.

I am simultaneously scared and content. I know it isn’t really the end. The time approaches. It passes. My heart does not break. I’m alive. How? Why? I howl like a child. I’m alive! I watch the city lights from my window.

Without warning or reason a sun blooms, blinding me. Bright flash, God taking the last picture. I am blind. Everything burns. It hurts, a lot.

Outside an entity explains to me why they made an exception. It was the last day for everyone. Why didn’t you tell me? Would you have done anything different? Yes. Everything.


Thank you for not telling me.